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The goal of website development is to create a custom website that turns visitors into leads, builds turnkey solutions for franchisee microsites, provides an excellent user experience for users on both mobile and desktop devices, and creates a visual presence that represents the culture and style of the company.

Website Development Services

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How We Design The Most Effective Website for You

AEONIAN MARKETING will create a website that is entirely unique to your business. This means you have all the power when it comes to customization. Here’s what we can do for you:

Customized Style

Every business is different, and uniqueness is appreciated at Blackhawk. We believe that your website must reflect who you are as a company, which is why we offer endless customization. Since it’s all up to you, we can guarantee that the website we create for you is one you will be proud of.


Need more than one page for your website? Not a problem for us. Blackhawk is happy to help by creating and designing up to 8 pages of content for your business.

Website Copywriting

In addition to having a unique website design and layout, our team of experienced copywriters can increase your website’s appeal even further, no matter the industry. We also create readable content that benefits a site’s placement on a search results page using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices.

What We Strive For

There’s a lot that goes into making a website that can inform consumers about your company while also driving conversions. That being said, we want to give you a short overview of some things we pay attention to while designing your custom website:


The way you present your company and brand is crucial to consumers. Oftentimes, the way a website looks can tell a user more than the words on the page. Glancing over the website design and layout is the quickest way for them to get a feel for what your brand is about.


Creating an easy way for a user to move around your site allows them to learn as much information about you as possible. If webpages are interlinked in a confusing way, users won’t be able to navigate your website effectively. This could lead to frustration on the user’s part, leading them to abandon your website in search of one that is easier to navigate.


After attracting a user to your site, it becomes of utmost importance to keep them there. A user’s attention is valuable because it keeps them interested in your brand, products, or services. A lack of attention-catching detail on your website could cost your company a client or sale.


Direction ties into navigation, with a slight difference. While navigation refers to a user moving between pages of a website, direction is more about how a user moves around a single page. The most common direction for a website to move is up and down, allowing a user to scroll through a page bottom to top. Scrolling is also the best way to give a visitor some direction because it is responsive, meaning it works on any platform or device.


The most important part of a website is the call-to-action. This is the area or button that urges visitors to take action, whether that be purchasing a product or service, or subscribing to an email newsletter.


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Website Development 


Fully Customized Website // Built to represent a brand and your purpose

Branded User Experience // Customized site to reach your target audience

Website Content Updates of Pages, Images, Banners // Custom designs

Updated when needed

Website Backups (daily) // Website Maintenance // Website Hosting

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Our Web Design Process

Before we’ve even begun designing, our process starts with a kickoff call. This is where we ask questions to get to know you and your brand, and get an idea of what design styles you prefer. We’ll ask about:


Style Guide:

This is the set of standards that will affect your web design, and help format everything to look professional and consistent. We’ll ask if you have a current style guide, whether you’d like to make changes to it, or we can create a brand new one!

Inspiration and Competitor Websites:

In order to get a better understanding of your desired design style, we’ll ask for a few websites you really like, and even some you don’t like. Additionally, looking at competitors’ websites is a great way for us to get to know the standard website layout and design for your industry.

Fonts and Colors:

In order for your new website to flow and have a consistent look and feel, the chosen fonts and colors must also work well together.


The layout of your website plays a crucial role in user experience. Nailing down a sitemap that creates an engaging and easy to navigate website is just as important as a website that looks good.

After this initial kickoff call, our design team will get to work on drafting a style guide (if needed) and several options for homepage mockups. These mockups will be presented a week after the initial call, and help us work with you to nail down a direction for the rest of your website.

Next steps include building out a handful of other pages in various formats, such as service pages, product pages, and contact pages, and applying the styling you’ve chosen. If you’ve added content development services to your roster, our writers will be creating content simultaneously with the design team.

Before we hand the website off to our web development team, we’ll make sure that you’ve seen it all put together: the styling, the layouts, and the content. You’ll have an opportunity to make edits, and once you’ve given us your seal of approval, it’s time to get developing!

Easy Processes Lead to Fast Results

We use Figma, a world-class, collaborative design platform. Because Figma is fast, we are able to share designs easily with you throughout the entire process. You will also have the ability to leave comments on your new website designs, and let our design team know if there is anything you’d like to tweak or change.

Transparency is huge for us at Blackhawk Digital Marketing, and Figma makes that easy.


Your website is a crucial part of your company or organization. A website is like a storefront in the digital age, and it is often what people encounter first and sticks in their mind as a first impression. In order to make a great first impression, it’s important to have a great website. So what makes a great website? For starters, excellent user experience, aesthetically pleasing design, and easy navigation.

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